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Health survey

What's this?

This is an experimental questionnaire about your lifestyle and general well being. It takes about 10 minutes to fill it out.

Can the questionnaire be filled out from a mobile phone?

Yes, the questionnaire can be filled out from a PC as well as from a mobile phone.

Data confidentiality - sample text

First of all, we will never ask your name. Any answer or data that you provide will stay between you and the scientific team's computer via a secure encrypted connection using state-of- the-art security called HTTPS. This protects against eavesdropping on your responses. Your data will then be stored on a secure server (anonymously), that only the lead researcher will have access to. We take full responsibility for handling your data confidentially. In order to send you the questionnaires (and the voucher), we will ask for your e-mail address, but this information will be stored separately from your answers, and treated confidentially as well. We will also collect your IP address to prevent one person filling out the test multiple times. This practice is in line with the regulations of the European Union for collecting, storing and processing data. The protection of your data is our responsibility and priority.

Once the study is finished, the database will be analysed, and we will publish the results in scientific journals. Only group averages and trends will be published, not the individual answers. In order to help other scientists, part of the data we collect will be made available online, but before we do this, we make sure that it does not contain any personal data based on which people could identify you. Again, confidentiality is our priority and responsibility.

Please note that your IP address will be recorded!

Remember to add your contact info here! Contact the study administration in case of questions.